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Azure Governance as space station

Cloud governance plays a very important role in the adaptation of the cloud. Cloud governance defines the guidelines for the cloud, i.e. the restrictions that should apply in the cloud, but also the freedom that every user can have. The… Weiterlesen →

Azure Governance als wachsende Raumstation

Bei der Adaption der Cloud spielt die Cloud Governance eine ganz wesentliche Rolle. Die Cloud Governance definiert die Richtlinien für die Cloud, also die Einschränkungen, die in der Cloud gelten sollen, aber auch die Freiheiten, die jeder User haben kann…. Weiterlesen →

Azure Landing Zone 101

Lately people have been talking about Azure Landing Zones. This primarily refers to the environment in Azure into the workloads be migrated or new workloads are introduced. This means the preparation of the Azure environment. Specifically, the basic structure in… Weiterlesen →

Azure Governance – Best Practices

Azure governance describes the guard rails and degrees of freedom for working in Azure. On the one hand, requirements are defined, such as how resources are to be deployed or how authorizations are assigned in order to set general requirements… Weiterlesen →

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