These are the thinks I found interessting at Microsoft Connect() 2017:

    1. Deploy and Debug directly to Azure managed Kubernetes cluster (AKS) from local VisualStudio environment:
    2. Using VSTS to Deploy to Azure Kubernetes and Azure DockerCE
      • Video:
      • VSTS offers many steps for deployment like “Docker Push”, “Docker Compose”, “Copy over SSH”, “Deploy to Kubernetes”
      • Azure offers unmanaged Container Services (ACS) with DC/OS, Kubernetes, Swarm
      • Azure offers managed Kubernetes Cluster (AKS)
      • Azure offers managed DockerCE (Swarm Mode) in preview in some regions (only via CLI):
    3. Roslyn .NET compatibility analyzer
    4. Azure Functions Runtime 2.0
      • Video:
      • development and deployment can be done with Maven, Jenkins, Exclipse, IntelliJ, …
      • now supports Java
      • now runs localy on Mac and Linux
      • now Durable Functions are available
        • can run longer than 10 minutes
        • can orchestrate and call multiple other functions with new class DurableOrchestrationContext
    5. Snapshot Debugger:
      • Video:
      • Set “breakpoint” in production environment without interrupting it (only take a snapshot)
      • analyse errors and application status on-the-fly in local VisualStudio with the current snapshot without stopping production