At the end of September, we meet us for our second Azure meetup in Rostock. Out topics were:

  • an introduction to Docker: We take a look at the concepts of Docker and how to build a simple Dockerfile. We used Visual Studio to create a multi-stage-Dockerfile.
  • an introduction to Kubernetes: We use a YAML file to create a deployment with a pod and a service. We used an existing Kubernetes cluster in Azure and the new local Kubernetes cluster in Docker Edge.
  • ACS-Engine: A tool for creating ARM-templates that deploy and update your Kubernetes cluster in Azure based on IaaS.
  • ACS: The Azure Container Services for creating clusters based on Kubernetes, DC/OS or Swarm.
  • AKS: The Azure Kubernetes Services, the managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure. Including a full managed and cost-free master node, managed worker nodes, Kubernetes updates and a worker node scaling in preview.
  • AZDS: The Azure DevSpaces, a seamless integration of an AKS to Visual Studio for direct deploying and debugging of solutions for developers.

I’m glad that we had so many participants and I’m happy to see you all again in a few weeks. Thanks