An App Service Plan is the mapping from compute ressources to one or multiple App Services. But there are significant differences in the types of App Service Plans. The graphic shows the differences.


With a free or shared plan, you get some random resources for your App Services. The screenshot shows one free App Service Plan with 2 App Services – and both AppServices are running on different hardware. The computer names are:

  • Car: RD0003FF32BAB5
  • Car2: RD0003FF32D5B0


With a basic-/standard-/premium-plan, you get a dedicated VM scale-set. And all App Services within the same App Service Plan are sharing the same hardware underneath. Therefore the computer names for both example apps are the same:

  • App1: RD0003FF1F6EEB
  • App2: RD0003FF1F6EEB

The differences are important! Many customers using the same App Service Plan for INT and PROD environment. Therefore a test on integration slows down the production App Service.